Local STEM News

  • 19 February 2020 – The 2nd annual Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Student Day hosted by Team Orlando and NCS was a success! Fourteen teams from eight high schools and technical schools showcased a variety of high-tech MS&T projects. Participating students are preparing for careers in the MS&T Industry.  The students’ efforts were supported by the local MS&T workforce, who took their time to discuss projects with teams and give constructive feedback for improvement. Based on student demonstrations and the ability to clearly communicate the importance of their product, industry workers voted for the top three projects. The MS&T workforce  benefits by meeting their future employees and having the opportunity to hire interns who clearly demonstrate their qualifications to enter the MS&T workforce.
    Top 3 Recognized Projects of 2020:
    1.    BioBlaster was recognized as the best overall student project.
        A virtual reality turret game that serves as an interactive educational game that teaches the composition and physiology of blood, including plasma and the formed elements.
    2.    Tereca Break
        A Virtual Reality Serious Game that teaches problem solving skills and hand-eye coordination through a series of unique puzzles and challenges.
    3.    The Supershoes
    A short film that aims to encourage others to create their own path in life instead of doing what others tell them to do

  • Seminole County Regional Science, Math And Engineering Fair (SCRSMEF)

    2020 Seminole County Public Schools Regional Science, Math & Engineering Fair
    February 1, 2020
    Seminole Towne Center Mall

    • Many of the CFSEC members were judges for the great event.
    • Middle and High School students presented their excellent projects to the public and the judges.
    • Students were then selected to be advanced for the State Level Competition.
    • 3/24/2020 – 3/26/2020 – STATE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING FAIR in Lakeland, FL 

Contact Program Specialist

Rachel Novella – Science Fair Director, High School Science Specialist

Kristie Seitz – Science Fair Co-Director, K-8 Science Specialist